Overview of proposed development

SDC are required to accommodate 12,760 new houses between 2020 – 2040. Of these 5,223 are already planned but of the remaining 7,537 they propose to accommodate 2,400 (31%) in a so called “garden village”between Berkeley and Sharpness. In addition a further 490 houses will be accommodated on smaller sites in the area. A second phase to the “garden village” is planned to follow with a further 2,600 houses by 2050.

With developments already agreed, the total number of new houses in the Berkeley and Sharpness area will be over 5,500.

To put this in context this would be a new town approximately 5 times the size of Berkeley. If you include existing houses in the Berkeley -Sharpness area it would form an urban area similar in size to Cam and Dursley .

Areas shared red in the map below are scheduled for housing, schools and areas for employment.

This is our interpretation of the Developers Concept Plan which you can open below. Please contact us if you have any questions or believe we have interpreted this incorrectly in any way.

Further details can be found in the linked google map here: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1xT4RYSj7UCZ2JzfYn3Vx4V5YIxvRMJvK&usp=sharing

The next stage would be for the council to publish their final plan (having considered any comments made in response to the current draft). This is scheduled to happen in the spring of 2021. This will then be examined by an independent Planning Inspector at a Public Inquiry, probably in summer 2021.

It may not be until around 2025 that building on the main sites begins, but then work will be ongoing until 2050!

In summary the proposed development comprises:

  • Up to 2,400 dwellings by year 2040 (5,000 by 2050);
  • 10 ha employment;
  • A new local centre including shops and community uses;
  • New schools;
  • Strategic Green Infrastructure, landscaping and open space.

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