Respond to the Stroud District Council Consultation

It’s important to submit your views by Wednesday 22nd January 2020. Any responses you have previously provided to Stroud District Council will not be taken into account so please respond as soon as you can!
If you want help with submitting your response please come along to one of the ‘drop-in’ sessions being held by BaSRAG:-
Thursday 16 January – 5:30pm – 7:30pm at Sharpness Village Hall
Saturday 18 January – 10:00am – 12:00pm at Berkeley Community Library

YOUR VIEWS MATTER and you may click here to find some suggestions of issues to consider.

How do I Respond?

You can watch a short video here which will guide you through the process or follow the instructions below.


Submit your comments using the ‘Sites Survey’ online form on The Stroud District Council Website. There is a lot of information on this page (!) so please ensure you scroll down until you see the link shown below:

Once in the survey you can comment on each proposed site. For you information:

PS36 New Settlement at Sharpness: “Garden Village” Sharpness to Berkeley and around Wanswell, Newtown and Brookend. Approximately 5,000 houses (Phase 1: 2,400, Phase 2 2,600)
PS35 Land at Focus School, Wanswell. Approximately 70 houses.
PS34 Sharpness Docks: Approximately 300 houses on land north of the docks.
PS33 North West of Berkeley: Approximately 120 houses on land off Station Road next to the roundabout and bypass.

or emailing:

or writing to:

Local Plan Review
Planning Strategy Team
Stroud District Council
Ebley Mill

PLEASE NOTE: It’s even better if you can respond on the SDC website AND write an email. Also you can get everybody in your household to respond – even children as their responses matter even more, as they will be the ones primarily affected by this development.