Local Plan Delayed as Council Consults on more Housing Sites

The council has confirmed that the timetable for the Local Plan has been delayed. It now intends to present a final version to the full Council in February 2021 for approval for consultation. Following this there will be a six week public consultation. It would then be submitted to government for examination at Public Inquiry in May 2021.

We have no idea how, if at all, our previously expressed views will be reflected in the final Draft Local Plan. The planners do not intend to publish a report on the last consultation in advance of their final draft.

Meanwhile, the government has proposed a change to the way the housing requirement for each local authority should be calculated. Stroud believes that if approved, they will be bound to increase their building requirement from 638 to 786 homes per annum.

As a result, the council has launched a new consultation in which it asks the public to consider some additional sites which could be included in the final Draft Local Plan alongside all those previously identified. This is in part to meet any potential shortfall in housing numbers due to the new calculation, and in case any of the existing proposed sites are removed or reduced by the council.

They also ask the public for their views on what strategy they should follow in finding additional land on which to build.

This new consultation runs until 16th December and details can be seen on the council’s website here – https://www.stroud.gov.uk/localplanreview

Please take time to look at what is being proposed and consider whether this has implications for Berkeley-Sharpness either in addition to the proposals put forward in the Draft Local Plan or as alternatives to them. Whilst the Council is encouraging responses via their online questionnaire it will also accept emailed and written responses so please do not be put off from responding by their focus on online responses!

You can view the thoughts of BaSRAG on the Council’s new consultation by clicking here

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