The Local Plan has been published today on the Stroud District Council website

Very much like earlier stages of this process, the council has not made it easy for concerned people to examine the Plan but you can see the section of the plan as it relates to Berkeley and Sharpness here –

This section contains the plans not just for the massive so-called garden village with up to 5,000 houses by 2050, but also the other sites in and around Berkeley and Sharpness, totalling another 540 houses.

The consultation period runs from now been extended until Wednesday 21st July.

If you want to see the whole plan, go to 

BaSRAG will be checking this updated Plan closely to establish what changes there are, if any, to the previously published plans for our area. We will then at the weekend send you updated guidance as to the best way to respond to the consultation.

Remember, this time your responses will be put before an independent Inspector. You may think, with some justification, that your previous comments have largely been ignored by the council. We have good reason, based on other public examinations around the country, to believe that the Inspector will take notice of strong, rational arguments.

In the meantime, can we ask again if you know of any experts out there that have good knowledge of specialist fields such as the environment, transport, employment, planning etc that can help us to pick holes in the so-called evidence base for these plans.

Apologies for asking you again to take part in yet another consultation, but we believe this is our best chance yet for common sense to prevail.

We will be in touch again at the weekend.

Best wishes,

BaSRAG (Berkeley and Sharpness Residents’ Action Group)

3 Replies to “The Local Plan has been published today on the Stroud District Council website”

  1. This is a very ill thought out plan.

    The local road infrastructure can not cope now let alone up to 5000 new homes!

    The new houses will be devastating for the local countryside and wildlife.

    There is little to no information on provision of healthcare or education for all these extra homes.

    All Stroud District Council are doing is obsessing over there new home targets.


  2. Can you tell me how to submit a response during the consultation period please. SDC have not made it at all obvious. Many thanks


    1. Hi Margaret. You’re right they haven’t made it easy! We are currently working through the information and will be giving advice soon on how to respond. Watch this space!


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