New Year Update

The New Year brings news of the SDC local plan hearings by the Planning inspectorate. If you responded to the consultation you will have received emails advising you of this.

The hearings will commence at 10am on Tuesday 7th March 2023, and close on 25th May 2023 (inclusive of a reserve week, with breaks in between). Full details on the dates are published in the Council’s Public Notice.

The dates relevant specifically to this area are:
22nd March – Sharpness
5th May – Berkeley

The hearing sessions will be live streamed on to the Council’s YouTube channel , more details will be available on the Council’s website closer to the hearings, including a virtual guidance note from the Inspectors.

It will be interesting to hear SDC’s responses to the numerous questions put to them by the Planning inspectorate which you can find in the document below. This runs to a whopping 80 pages including 20 question on PS36 Sharpness new settlement (pages 15-17). In addition questions on The Berkeley cluster site allocations can be found on pages 40-42. It’s pleasing to see that these reflect the issues we have raised which have not been addressed by SDC or the developers:

We will keep you updated.

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