Local Plan Examination

This is just a short message to remind you that the public hearings about the Local Plan Examination are due to start on Tuesday 7th March.
Anyone can watch the proceedings if they wish via the Stroud District Council YouTube channel either live or recorded –

https://www.youtube.com/@strouddistrictcouncil1974/streams .

It must be said it is unlikely to be riveting viewing – Happy Valley, it ain’t! However, we will be following proceedings and participating in some of the sessions.All details are shown on this page of the council website – 

It is encouraging to see that a number of organisations with views similar to our own will be represented. The day when the proposed new development at Sharpness will be specifically discussed is provisionally scheduled for 22nd March, while many of the other sessions will have some relevance to Berkeley and Sharpness.
The final outcome is unlikely to be known for some months, but if there is anything to report in the meantime, we will of course let you know.
Many thanks as always for your support.Best wishes,

BaSRAG (Berkeley and Sharpness Residents’ Action Group)

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